Release of beamly.core.scalaz 0.6.0 scala library

By Andrew (gus) Gustafson December 18, 2014

Official Beamly Editor

A scala Future combined with a scalaz disjunction FutureEither is a specialised version of scalaz.EitherT[Future, A, B] which allows simple composition of Future[A \/ B] operations. Usage Include the dependency from maven central: com.beamly:beamly-core-scalaz import scala.concurrent.Future import beamly.core.scalaz.future.{FutureEither, \?/} import com.zeebox.core.http.common.HttpStatus.{NotFound, Ok} import com.zeebox.core.http.server.http.HttpResponse case class UserNotFound(userId: String) class Example { def findFriends(userId: UserId): UserNotFound […]

fastlydash: A service summary dashboard for Fastly

By Neil Saunders December 4, 2014

Head of Platform

Blistering speed is paramount at Beamly, and we’re always looking for ways to shave milliseconds off our API response times. A major factor in helping us to achieve this has been our use of a CDN for all traffic. We used Amazon Cloudfront when we first launched, but as we’ve grown have found it lacking […]

Release of beamly.core.lang 0.5.0 scala library

By Andrew (gus) Gustafson October 13, 2014

Official Beamly Editor

We’ve been building reactive services in Scala for more than 3 years, and found (especially early on) that both standard libraries and those in the community didn’t quite meet our needs. We feel Beamly core fills those gaps that we found, and helps to make Scala an even better language to work with. Over time, we’ve built […]

Why TV is about to enjoy its biggest renaissance in 50 years

By ernesto May 8, 2014

Official Beamly Editor

“It’s life, Jim… but not as we know it” Why TV is about to enjoy its biggest renaissance in 50 years These are uncomfortable days for network television executives. After decades of reliably scheduling when audiences are to be entertained, informed or thrilled, the linear broadcast model – and with it the existence of TV […]

zeebox is reborn as Beamly – the content and social network for TV

By Anthony Rose April 13, 2014

Official Beamly Editor

The second screen, social TV app formerly known as zeebox is now Beamly. Why the change? What does it mean? And what’s the story on social TV in general? Over the past months we’ve been interviewing people who love TV and who love talking about TV. It’s clear that television viewing, or at least the […]